Video clips & Links

On this page we list a number of video clips and also some links that will lead you to related web sites, and which deal with metrology in one form or another. Please contact the 2017 WMD Team should you wish us to include other links related to World Metrology Day 2017.


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Video clips

   National Research Council Canada video (2017) Metrology. It counts. Also available in French: La métrologie… Ça compte !

   YouTube video (2016) A world without Metrology (VSL bv)

   YouTube video (2016) World Metrology Day (Saint Lucia TV report)

   YouTube video (2016) I've a ton of work to do (NSAI, Ireland)

   YouTube video (2016) I'll be there in a minute (NSAI, Ireland)

   YouTube video (2015) Rainbow Of Light (Katerina Mina for UNESCO's IYL2015. (c) Linda Lamon 2015)

   YouTube video (2014) World Metrology Day 2014 Philippines (Philippine MSTQ, Inc. together with the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines NMLPHIL)

   YouTube video (2014) Measurements and the global energy challenge (VSL bv)

   YouTube video (2014) Measurement (Bill Nye The Science Guy)

   YouTube video (2013) by KRISS (Republic of Korea)

   YouTube video (2013) by INMETRO (Brazil)

   YouTube video (2013) Metrology - Part 1 (VNIIMS Russian Federation)

   YouTube video (2013) Metrology in daily life (VSL bv)

   YouTube video (2013) Measurements in daily life (SMQ Sweden)

   YouTube video about the 2010 World Metrology Day (US TV show)

   YouTube video about the 2009 World Metrology Day (Saint Lucia TV report)

Other links

   www.metrologycareers.com/ - Introduction to metrology; different types of metrology; Information on careers in metrology; Vacancies on the NCSLI Job Board

   www.metrologyinfo.org - BIPM/OIML Joint Web Portal

Note: The WMD Team publishes the above links for informative purposes,
but cannot be held liable for the information contained therein.